Syrian Women in the Eye of the Storm

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women… Violence against Syrian Women is the Worst in the World

Syrian Women

SNHR issued several reports that documented different violations that were committed against Syrian women since the uprising in March 2011. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Syrian women must be brought to spotlight as they have been subjected to murder, arrest, enforced disappearance, torture to death, sexual abuse and other violations committed against them and their rights, as human beings and as women. They were either arrested, tortured, raped, sexually harassed or abused, lost their children, parents, siblings, houses and even were forced to displace from one city to another or to different countries.

Nonetheless, Syrian women participated since the first moments of the beginning of Syrian Revolution; she was a demonstrator, media activist, paramedic, and a relief aid worker. The impact of the ongoing conflict increased the frequency of the violations that were committed against women.

All conflict parties have committed different violations against women in one way or another. In 2015, SNHR noticed the following:
1- The increase of the number of enforced disappearances in government central prisons.
2- Expelling government employees for arbitrary reasons.
3- Kurdish Self Management forces Kidnapped women with aims to forcibly recruit them.
4- Government militias and some armed opposition groups used women as human shields.
5- Extremist Islamic groups humiliated, stoned, lashed and beat up women in public squares.

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