The Killing of 21179 individuals in 2015

1793 amongst which were killed in December

Killing of 21179 individuals

1- Introduction:
This report includes the death casualties of those who were killed at the hands of the main conflict parties in Syria i.e.:
1- Government forces (army, security forces, local militias and foreign Shiite militias)
2- Russian forces
3- PYD Kurdish Self Management Forces
4- Extremist Islamic Groups
5- Armed Opposition Groups
6- International Coalition Forces
7- Unidentified Groups

2- Report Methodology:
SNHR is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit human rights organization that investigates and documents all violations committed by all conflict parties involved in the Syrian conflict since 2011.
To a large degree, SNHR is able to document all the civilian victims who are killed by the major conflict parties, however, armed victims are distributed to two categories:
1- Victims of the armed opposition groups:
Members of the armed opposition groups get killed on the frontlines not in cities and their groups sometimes keep the identities of its fighters confidential due to security reasons. Therefore, we cannot record their names or retain their images. Thus what we were able to document is the bare minimum of the total number of armed opposition victims.
2- Victims of the government forces or ISIL:
It is impossible to record or document these kinds of victims, since neither the Syrian government forces nor ISIL declares or records their victims’ numbers.

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