Not Less than 516 Massacres Committed in 2015

55 amongst which were committed in December 2015

516 Massacres Committed

I- Executive Summary:
Toll of Massacres in 2015 :
SNHR documented not less than 516 massacres that were committed in 2015, detailed as follows:
A- Government Forces (army, security forces, local militias and foreign Shiite militias) committed 389 massacres
B- Russian Forces committed 50 massacres
C- Extremist Islamic Groups:
i- ISIL committed 18 massacres
ii- Al Nusra Front committed 1 massacres
D- Armed Opposition Groups committed 25 massacres
E- Kurdish Self Management Forces committed 3 massacres
F- International Coalition Forces committed 9 massacre
G- Unidentified Groups committed 21 massacre

Syrian Government Forces committed 389 massacres in 2015, detailed as follows according to regions of control:
– 316 massacres were committed in regions under the control of armed opposition
– 71 massacres were committed in regions under ISIL’s control
– 2 massacres were committed in regions under the control of government controlled regions.
Massacre’s distribution according to the Syrian governorates:
– Aleppo: 147 massacres, Damascus suburbs: 107, Idlib: 96, Homs: 42, Daraa: 41, Deir Al Zour: 35, Hama: 17, Al Hassaka: 13, Al Raqqa: 10, Damascus: 4, Lattakia: 2, Al Sawaida: 2.

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