35 Breaches in the Ceasefire Agreement on Its Second Day

Not less than 49 documented breaches since the beginning of the ceasefire

the Ceasefire Agreement

SNHR issued its second report about the ceasefire agreement that started on Saturday, February 27, as they recorded 35 breaches, 27 by violations by government forces, 8 by Russian forces, making the overall number of breaches committed reach 49 since the beginning of the truce in February 27.
The report questioned this ceasefire and its outcomes. As the Syrian regime has violated and breached several UNSC resolutions and it was not held accountable.

Fadel Abdul Ghani, head of SNHR, said:
“The international community, represented by the UNSC, knows exactly what it should do to end this circle of violence, however, it resorts to unproductive solutions. The report stated that Syrians need a political transition that would transform the ruling to a democratic one. After Geneva 1, it was clear that the bloodshed is not going to end and state administrations will be doomed to failure. ISIL and Iranian militias are filling the space the corrupted Syrian government left. Syrian people are with any agreement or resolution that would end the cycle of violence and massacres in Syria.”
Concerning the statement itself, the Syrian regime and its Russian accomplice can strike regions under the control of armed opposition in northern of Syria under the pretext of the presence Al Nusra front, even if it is extremely limited, without breaching the ceasefire.
SNHR team documented these breaches as it is the bare minimum of what they were able to document. Also it is worth noting that they did not record any improvement in the detainees’ situation or releases by all main conflict parties.

According to the report there were 6 breaches in Homs, 8 breaches in each of Hama and Damascus suburbs, 2 in each of Idlib and Al Qunaitera, 1 breach in Daraa, this attacks lead to the death of 3 civilians including a woman and a child on the hands of suspected Russian forces.
The report asked the joint American and Russian committee to investigate these incidents, announce its results to the Syrian people and prevent it from happening again. It also demanded the international community to correlate the ceasefire with political efforts that would pave the way towards a transitional stage that would result in a democratic regime, which will end the suffering of the Syrian people.

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