Not less than 396 Major Breaches during the Second Round of Negotiations

93% of them by the Syrian regime and its allies

396 Major Breaches

SNHR issued a report in which it documented at least 396 breaches during the second round of negotiations, committed by parties of signatories to the cessation of hostilities agreement. 93% of these breaches are by the Syrian regime and its allies.
SNHR noted the increasing of breaches committed by the signatories of the cessation of hostilities agreement, particularly government forces and its ally Russia at a rate of 1.5 times higher that we already recorded during the first round of negotiations, where the pace of massacres increased, in addition to the increase of targeting civilians, the vital civilian facilities, and the medical cadres. However, the arrests have not undergone any improvement at all, and no one has been released, but the outcome of detainees rose. What are worse are the death operations due to torture, which amounted to 11 documented cases.

In addition the report stated that the government forces have continued to disrupt the entry of aids to the besieged areas. “Darya” city has not received any assistance so far. As the aids to Al Wa’er Neighborhood had stopped since 10 / March / 2016 and is still going on so far. This does not mean that the rest of the regions are better off; first, because aids are barely enough; second, and most importantly, there should be releasing the fully blockade -according to the rules of international humanitarian law and the resolutions of the Security Council nations, from all regions. The current Syrian government still requires from the United Nations and its implementing partners and any relief organizations to get approval to enter the besieged areas, often, these approvals are rejection after going through complexities, rather than facilitate access for such assistance.
The number of breaches, SNHR documented, during the second round of negotiations from the 13 to 27 / April / 2016 not less than 396 between military operations and arrests which are distributed according to the signatories to the statement of the cessation of hostilities: Government forces: 362, Russian forces: 4, Kurdish Self Management Forces: 20, and Armed opposition factions: 10

The report detailed the breaches to 61 through fighting operations caused the deaths of 219 people; distributed to two military opposition and 217 civilians, including 50 children and 28 women. While the breaches of arrests reached 335; 316 of them were committed by the government force.
The report asked the joint American and Russian committee to investigate these incidents, announce its results to the Syrian people and prevent it from happening again.
As it also demand the international community to correlate the ceasefire with political efforts that would pave the way towards a transitional stage that would result in a democratic regime, which will end the suffering of the Syrian people.

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