Two Media Activists Killed, Two Injured, and Four Arrested, Toll of July 2017

All of them were Killed at the Hands of Extremist Islamic Groups

Two Media Activists

I. Introduction
Media activism in Syria is continuously deteriorating in light of the lack of attention by many international media organizations to what is happening in Syria and the notable decline in media coverage over the last year compared with previous years.
SNHR publishes a monthly report documenting the violations against media activists who play a prominent role in the civil movement and the armed conflict.
It should be noted that a journalist is a civilian according to the international humanitarian law regardless of his nationality. Any attack deliberately directed against a journalist is considered a war crime. However, when a media activist gets close to action-heavy zones, he is responsible for his own actions where targeting him in such case would be seen as collateral damage. Also, he would lose the right to protection if he was involved in military operations. We believe that media activists must be respected whether they have identification papers as media workers or don’t considering the many difficulties they encounter to acquire these papers.
Fadel Abdul Ghany, chairman of SNHR, says:
“Media activism is especially important because it often sheds light on a string of various crimes that are taking place on a daily basis. Therefore, we record the violations perpetrated by conflicting parties in our monthly reports on violations against media activists.”

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