The Slaughtering of families in Karm Al Zaitoun in Homs

In Ethnic Cleansing Massacres


First, this massacres took place after the UN observers chief Al Dabbi stated that the military vehicles of the government forces (army, Security forces, local and foreign Shiites militias) retreated, and this is a shows that Al Dabbi statements are completely false and not true as the war machine of the government forces continued killing and committing the brutal ethnic cleansing crimes.
In the government forces ethnic cleansing incidents that violated the neighborhoods of Homs systematically and violently as the Shabiha launched several attacks on January 26, 2012 on houses of families in Karm Al Zaitoun neighborhood and slaughtered a whole family, we always point out the intensive existence of government forces checkpoints around the neighborhood therefore they are completely aware of these crimes they furthermore they facilitate and sometimes participate in these sect based massacres.
Government forces were involved in the ethnic cleansing massacres in Karm Al Zaitoun by the heavy shelling on the neighborhood the day before January 26, 2012 and after as well, as many were killed in the shelling in 25, 26, 27 of January, and in this report we concentrate on the slaughtering that happened on January 26, 2012, and mentioning what happened in the other days.
The Shabiha broke into the house of a well-known family in Karm Al Zaitoun with no reason this family was “Bahader” family and they killed all its members, they also broke into other houses and killed everyone they came across in brutal and violent methods.

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