Dirar school massacre in Dier Balbaa of Homs

Dirar school massacreIn the day where the Red Cross Teams supposed to help in entering aid and medicines into the
siege part of Homs and evacuate the remaining families from shelling and destruction, Assad
troops committed new massacre against who protected in the schools of the district….Dirar bin
Al Azwar school which shelter dozens of displaced families from the constant shelling since
days and has intensified in the past 24 hours.
The heavy shelling that targeted the neighborhood and specialized school with three direct
bombs, led to dozens of martyrs and wounded who was waiting their fate as the other wounded
in Homs … bleeding to death. Or die from lack of medical supplies and the inability to perform
first aid or evacuate them to clinics or hospitals.
The continuous and intensive shelling led the survived to display outside of Dier Balab but
military barriers prevented them from displacement and arrested young men who were