Documenting Al Hama Massacre in Rif Dimashq The Massacre Move from East to West of the Capital


I- Introduction:
Incident detail:
Around 2:30am in Tuesday June 26, 2012 tanks and armored vehicles of the government forces (Security force, Army, Shabiha, Foreign militias, and Pro-government militias) in addition to 15,000 soldier, security force members, and Shabiha from the nearby area such as Al War Mountain and the Scientific Research Region raided Al Hama city, 12km to the west of the capital Damascus, government forces started the random shelling on the city, destroying many a large number houses as the attack went on for 2 hours which with in government forces killed 21 victims from different families in the city whom all are civilians, many of them were killed by government forces snipers, and all the victims were buried in Al Sadat graveyard.
Through communicating with the families and relatives of the victims we managed to get images of the victims through videos and to get their names as well.

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