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living in the shadow of looting and Besiege


Image: A boy walks on the rubble of damaged buildings in Salqin cityAbout the besiege imposed on Qudsia, in addition to looting and restrictions  against civilians in this neighborhood by the government forces.

Context : looting and restrictions committed by government forces against half million Syrian citizens in the city of Qudsia.

The methodology of this report based on the investigations conducted by SNHR’s team in Damascus governorate with number of residents and activists.

It contain the testimonies of two witnesses from the residents, in addition to news and pictures from cooperative activists inside the city.

Qudsia town is located on the outskirt of Damascus governorate near Barada valley, with a great populations almost 40.000  people, tens of thousands displaced to from the southern neighborhoods of Damascus and Eastern Ghout city , because it is consider quieter.

Monday 14/10/2013, the besiege on the town started by closing Safsafhighway which linkQudsia with the city of Damascus by puttingvery large barrier, where government forces prevented citizens to go to Damascus, following the refusal of some citizens on government’s forces ask to posted Alassad photos in the city.

The next day they blocked the suburb barrier, which link the city of Qudsia with the suburb, thus they imposed severe besiege on the city, the two barriers was only opened for pedestrians, where the residents are forced to walk on foot for almost 4 km to get DommarAlbaladin order toget transportation to Damascus.

Sunday 20/10/2013, soldiers of  regime’s army on the barriers allowed to enter one flour car to the neighborhood.

But then, didn’t allowed the introduction of anything such as flour or food to the city, where Syrian regime has take over the food and prevent their introduction, and close the main roads to the city with concrete barriers.

Tuesday 22/10/2013, the so called “People committees” from AishWarwar neighborhood ( Alwite- sect majority close to Qudisa ) formed a barrier of almost 50 elements in a place called “Almansora stop” inside the city, where these militias of the Syrian government theft and looted the residents, as they close all the city roads linking to the capital Damascus and to all neighboring areas of Qudsia, they also prevent entering food and  medical supplies, and in devoting to segregation and discrimination policy among the people of Qudsia and the neighboring areas, those militias registered all the cars in the city and give her owners numbers to entre and exist from the city. anddidn’t get enough with these they also took over any domestic stuff or furniture the residents tried to take with them during their escape out of the city, forcing them to flee with their clothes only.

Medical situations suffers from severe shortage of basics materials.

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