Most Significant Violations against Media Activists in June 2014

MediaFirst: Summary
Violations against media activists in June are divided as follows:
1- Killing: SNHR documented the killing of seven media activists as follows:
Government forces killed six media activists including one media activist who died under torture
Extremist groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda: one media activist has been killed by ISIS
2- Kidnapping and Arresting: we recorded five kidnapping and arresting cases as follows:
The Syrian regime didn’t arrest any media activists in June according to our documentation team while five media activists were kidnapped by armed opposition factions; three by ISIS, one by Al-Nusra Front (Jabhat Al-Nusra), and one by an unidentified armed group.
3- Injuries: nine media activist were injured in June as follows:
Government forces injured seven media activists.
Armed groups: ISIS injured one media and the other one was injured by an unidentified armed group.

The media scene in Syria is suffering from an increasing void and difficulties in accessing information, publishing it, and monitoring incidents in a free and professional manner especially after many more areas were affected by the conflict and the emergence of many new armed faction in the Syrian armed conflict.
The Syrian regime worked since the beginning of the revolution to cultivate the culture of fear and horror among oppositionist media activists and has every possible way to punish them. Then, another armed forces emerged as a partner in enhancing this culture such as ISIS.