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Death Toll since the Beginning of the Revolution until the End of June 2014



First: The Syrian Regime

The Syrian regime forces killed no less than 133586 people; including 109347 civilian (88% of the total) among them 15149 children and 13695 women. In addition, 4892 person were killed under torture.

This suggests that the Syrian regime kills four civilians every hour and 100 civilians every day as a daily average

A child is killed every two hours

A woman is killed per three hours.

Second: The Armed Factions Affiliated to Al-Qaeda

They killed about two thousand people as we’ve documented no less than 1607 people including 588 civilian among them 67 children and 53 women.

Third: Other Armed Groups

They killed 438 civilians, among them 29 children and 36 women.

The Death Toll for June

SNHR has documented the killing of 2692 people during June divided as follows:

First: Government Forces  

A: Civilians

SNHR has documented the killing of 1732 civilians by government forces, among them were 293 children (10 children a day), and 166 women at least. The number of victims who died under torture inside the government’s detention centers was 302; among them were two children under the age of 18. (As average, 10 people die under torture every day.)
The percentage of women and children victims is 27%; a clear indicator that government forces is deliberately targeting civilians.

B: Rebels

We also documented the killing of 509 rebels by government forces either during clashes or under shelling.

Second: The armed factions affiliated to Al-Qaeda (ISIS)

A: Civilians

SNHR documented the killing of 52 civilians including 17 children, 11 women, and a media activist.

B: Rebels

We also documented the killing of 185 rebels on the hands of ISIS either during clashes between this group and other rebels or through field executions of prisoners.

Third: Armed opposition

SNHR documented the killing of 172 people by the armed opposition; divided as follows:

A: Civilians: 165 civilians; including 43 children and 38 ladies.

B: Rbels: seven rebels during internal conflicts within the armed opposition

Fourth: Unknowns

We also documented 42 incidents of killing which we were not able to name the side responsible for them.

We would like to mention that this is the death toll we could document accurately by name, place and time through our members who are distributed in different Syrian governorates. However, there are lots of cases which were out of our reach, especially in the cases of massacres in some towns and villages where the Syrian government usually cuts all connections and surrounds the targeted town or village, which will probably make the actual number of victims higher that the documented number. All of this is because the Syrian government precedents Human Rights organizations from working on its lands.


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