Testimony of a woman who was arrested and tortured inside the Syrian government detention centers

womanThis testimony includes important details about the torture, sexual abuse, and humiliations the female prisoners are subjected to in light of a blatant neglect of the simplest humanitarian standards. In addition, it reveals many names of violating criminals.
(SNHR has got names and details of 56 females that were arrested along with her inside the detention center. SNHR abstains from publishing their names for social and security purposes).
The prisoner lady is Hosna Mokh Al-Ksoor Al-Hareery (Om Jasem). She was born in Busra Al-Hareer in Daraa governorate in 1960, a wife of a martyr and a mother of two martyrs and an arrested son. She was interviewed by SNHR member Ma’rouf Tou’ma in Ammman.
Mrs. Hosna says:
“I’ve been arrested by the Syrian regime three times during the revolution:
1- In June/2011 for 18 days
2- On 24 August, 2011 for three months
3- 2 October, 2012 for a year and 20 days