1354 people were killed in January 2015

Death Toll for January 2015

1354 people

First: Government forces
A. Civilians

SNHR documented the death of 883 people by government forces, including 207 children (seven children a day), no less than 54 women, and no less than 64 victims who were tortured to death (three deaths under torture a day).
The percent of children and women victims reached 30%, which is a clear indication of the purposed targeting of civilians by governmental forces.
B. Rebels
Governmental forces killed no less than 129 rebels by shelling operations or during clashes.

Second: Kurdish forces
Killed 13 civilians including a child and a victim who was tortured to death.
Third: Extremist groups
SNHR documented the killing of 118 by extremist groups as follows:
A. Civilians: 54 civilians were killed including two children and three victims who were tortured to death.
B. Rebels: Daesh killed no less than 53 during clashes or by field-executing prisoners.
An-Nussra Front
A. Civilians: killed five civilians including two women and a media activist.
B. Rebels: killed six rebels during clashes or by field-executing prisoners.