No Less Than 68 Vital Facilities Were Targeted in March 2015

68 Vital Facilities

Executive Summary:
In March no less than 68 vital facilities were targeted-by as follows:
Government forces: 53
Extremist groups:
– ISIS: 6
– An-Nussra front: 2
Armed opposition factions: 6
International Coalition forces: 1

Most notable facilities that were targeted in March:
Worship places: 19, schools: 11, markets: 10, medical facilities: 9, ambulances: 9, service centers: 5, bridges and water crossings: 2, grain silos: 1, and a chicken coop: 1.
If the Security Council is unable to oblige the Syrian government to apply the resolution 2139 issued by the council on February 22, 2014, which meant to put an end to “random indiscriminate use of weaponry on residential areas, including the artillery and air strikes, such as the use of barrel bombs”, the Security Council should at least press the Syrian regime to stop targeting the vital centers, such as schools, hospitals, markets, bakeries, and worship places.

In this report SNHR shed the light on the attacks on vital facilities that they were able to document, and we indicate that this is the least known, due to the practical difficulties that we faced during the documentation process.
SNHR insure through its investigations that there is no military bases in the facilities mentioned in this report neither before nor after the attacks, and the government forces and others who commit these crimes to explain the reasons behind these brutal attacks in front of the United Nations and Security Council.

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