The Killing of 623 Civilians in March 2016

382 amongst which were killed by government forces

Killing of 623 Civilians

SNHR issued its periodic report of victims in March which documented the killing of 623 civilians.
The report mentioned that different Syrian governorates, especially regions under the control of armed opposition, witnessed a significant decline in the shelling and killing percentages since the cessation of hostilities agreement. because the regions that are under the government control or Kurdish Self-Management Forces are not subjected to government shelling which is considered responsible for killing more than 60% of the victims in addition to destroying houses and displacing its residents.
The report noted that the residents sent their children back to schools again and great numbers of patients (not only the injured of shelling or clashes) went to hospitals to get treated since the shelling decrease as hospitals and schools were continuously shelled. Additionally, infrastructure rehabilitation was conducted since the shelling has decreased.

The report depicted that the Syrian regime continued to breach the ceasefire, as it is one of the most affected parties regarding this agreement and unpublicized violations have been continuous like extrajudicial killing and torturing detainees. And the crimes, that couldn’t be noticed by American and Russian mediator are continued too.
The report assured that it is difficult to document the precise number of armed opposition members since they are killed in battle fields not cities. In addition, some armed opposition groups keep the victims’ names confidential due to security reasons. Hence, SNHR team couldn’t obtain their names, images or any other details and therefore, the number of killed armed opposition members is far more than what they were able to record.

It also confirmed that it is nearly impossible to obtain information about government forces and ISIL’s victims due to the absence of any clear methodology, for several reasons. According to SNHR the victim’s toll doesn’t have clear or credible data to rely on.
Therefore the report recorded the civilians who were killed by all conflict parties and made a comparison between them.
The report presented the victims statistic in March 2016, it talked about 382 civilians who were killed by government forces and pro-government militias including 48 women and 74 children (at a rate of killing 3 children daily) and not less than 42 individuals were killed under torture.
The report pointed out to the percentage of women and children who were killed in March which reached 32% among the total victims’ death toll; which is a strong indicator that government forces deliberately targeted civilians.

The report indicated that alleged Russian forces killed 13 civilians including two children and 3women.on the other hand the report documented the killing of 10 civilians including two children at the hand of Kurdish self-management.
While the victims who were killed by extremist Islamic groups were 104 victims detailed as follows: ISIL killed 96 civilians including 28 children and 15 women. And Al Nusra front killed 8 civilians including two children and a women.
The report provided a statistic of victim who were killed by armed opposition groups which reached 53 civilians including 4 children and 11 women.
And it documented the killing of 20 civilians at the hand of international coalition forces.
The report contained the documentation of 41 civilians death who were drowned on immigration boats or killed by unidentified groups

The report affirmed that the government forces with Shabiha have violated the principles of the human rights international laws which protect the right to addition to the all evidences and eyewitnesses’ testimonies which prove that more than 90% of the wide and individual attacks targeted civilians and civil points
And the extremist Islamic groups committed several extrajudicial killing crimes that mount to war crimes.
According to report, the armed opposition groups and Kurdish Self-Management forces committed extrajudicial crimes that amount to war crimes.
The report recommended Security Council and concerned international institutions to shoulder its responsibility and to stop the continuous killing. And the deliberate indiscriminate bombing
The report recommended the Syrian allies (Russia and china) to hold the moral and material responsibility about what happened in Syria

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