Approximately 13,000 Civilians Killed at the Hands of Syrian Regime Forces in Eastern Ghouta, including 1,463 Children

The Ongoing Massacre


For seven years, Eastern Ghouta has been the target of purposeful, continued marginalization efforts that targeted the people’s social, economic, and mental structure there, as the Syrian regime and its allies have carried out various patterns of violations that qualify as crimes against humanity and war crimes, such as extrajudicial killing, sexual violence, enforced-disappearance, torture, siege, indiscriminate bombardment, as well as deliberate in some cases, targeting of protected objects, forced displacement, and the use of chemical weapons, as well as barrel bombs and other kinds of crimes. All of this has been going on in light of the existence of the United Nations, the Security Council, the law of war, the United Nations Commission of Human Rights, and the International Criminal Court.
As the documentation and monitoring efforts have been going on since 2011, SNHR comprised a wide data that includes thousands of files on the region of Eastern Ghouta and the entirety of its villages. These files have been archived by town, city, perpetrator, and other details. In light of the barbaric offensive that started in mid-November 2017 and escalated unprecedentedly in February 2018, we outline the violations that the people of Eastern Ghouta have witnessed since the start of the popular uprising for freedom in March 2011, according to what we have been able to document while taking into consideration the major challenges, as this only represents the bare minimum.

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